Grid Charges

Publication of grid charges as per § 20.1 EnWG

Due to § 6 ARegV (regulation on incentive regulation) a new revenue cap for Amprion GmbH will be determined. The new revenue cap will be valid during the fourth regulation period, starting on January 1st 2024, which will consequently lead to a recalculation of the grid charges.

The final grid charges for 2024 - in contrast to 2023 - were determined without taking into account a subsidy to cover the transmission network costs.

It should be noted that any additional costs pursuant to the KWK (Combined Heat and Power Legislation), value added tax, § 19 StromNEV-levy, offshore grid levy and concession fees, if applicable, as well as other levies are not included in the grid charges.

Gradual harmonization of TSO grid charges

In accordance with § 32a StromNEV, the transmission grid charges are gradually being harmonized since the beginning of 2019. The grid charges are fully harmonized.

Elements of Grid charges

Grid charges consist of several elements. In detail, the following services and levies are covered:

  • Usage of grid infrastructure (e. g. lines, transformers, substations)
  • Provision of system services (e. g. frequency control, voltage control, system operation) to ensure secure and reliable grid operation, coverage of transmission losses
  • Invoicing and metering at a customer’s connection point
  • If applicable concession fee to the respective municipality/city
  • Additional charges in accordance with the “Combined Heat and Power Legislation” (KWK-Gesetz)
  • § 19 StromNEV levy
  • Offshore-liability-levy (01.01.2013)
  • Levy for interruptable loads (01.01.2014)

The annual demand rate system power charges cover for using the grid for an entire year whereas the monthly demand rate system power charges cover for using the grid for one month.