Balancing Group Management

The balance responsible party (BRP) shall be responsible for a balanced quarter hour performance balance of the feed-ins and draw-offs allocated to their balancing group, for a proper schedule management and the economic balancing of remaining balance deviations.

For further information, please refer to the balancing group contract and the Federal Network Agency's position paper on balancing group compliance.

Balancing group contract

BNetzA position paper on balancing group loyalty:
 Federal Network Agency - Decision chambers - Position paper on balancing group loyalty.


The determination of balancing group deviations is carried out in accordance with the market processes for balancing group settlement of electricity "MaBiS" defined by the Federal Network Agency. The participation of all affected market participants in accordance with the specified processes and deadlines is mandatory. The current version of MaBiS and the specifications developed under the supervision of the Federal Network Agency apply.

further information on MaBiS:  Federal Network Agency - Balancing group settlement

For the settlement of the balance deviations, the TSO multiplies them for each quarter hour by the cross-control area uniform balancing energy price (reBAP). This is calculated and published by the TSO in accordance with the legal requirements and the applicable stipulations of the Federal Network Agency in the current version. For each quarter hour, there is a positive or negative balancing energy price for the delivery of positive or negative balancing energy.

further information: for methodology of reBAP calculation:

for reBAP: balancing energy price

Control energy is used exclusively to maintain the security and reliability of the electric transmission system. It is not a disposable variable of the balancing group manager for the management of his balancing group.

If, in the course of balancing group settlement, significant balancing group deviations arise which suggest a breach by the balancing group manager of its obligations under section 5 of the balancing group contract, the TSO and balancing group manager shall jointly endeavor to clarify whether and to what extent the deviations were avoidable by the balancing group manager.

If the suspicion of a substantially breach of duty cannot be dispelled, the TSO shall be entitled to issue a warning to the balancing group manager.