The Amprion GmbH operates the longest transmission grid in Germany – a network that comprises over 11,000 kilometres of extra-high-voltage lines. Covering an area from Lower Saxony in northern Germany to the Alps in the south, we transmit electricity at two different voltage levels: 220 and 380 kilovolts. To enable us to continue to operate our grid safely and reliably far into the future, we are upgrading and expanding it in line with the needs and demands that lie ahead of us. In doing so, we are fulfilling our statutory obligation as a transmission system operator (TSO) and laying the foundations for a secure energy supply and a productive and successful economy. We provide customers from industry, distribution system operators, electricity traders and power utilities with non-discriminatory access to our extra-high-voltage (EHV) grid via some 1,000 feed and take-off points and at fair market prices. Amprion employs a workforce of around 1,400.