Outages of power plants and load units over 100 MW

They are currently no known power plant or load outages.

Pursuant to Article 15 of EU Transparency Regulation 543/2013, TSOs publish information relating to the unavailability of generation and production units on the European transparency platform:


Beyond, Amprion publishes additional information in line with the EU REMIT Regulation (EU Reg. 1227/2011). The purpose of REMIT is fair competition and transparency of wholesale energy markets by prohibiting insider trading and market manipulation.

The data published below concerns information on outages of power plants and load units over 100 MW which has been notified to Amprion and which is not already published elsewhere as far as Amprion is aware at the moment of publication.


The data published below on outages of power plants and load units is based on information stemming from responsible operators or assigned third parties. Amprion assumes no liability that the data is correct, complete or current. Amprion is not liable for direct or indirect damages, including loss of profit incurred in relation to information published on this website. Amprion reserves its right to amend or complete the provided information without prior notice.