Grid Losses

The Energy Industry Act (Energiewirtschaftsgesetz) and Electricity Grid Access Ordinance (Netzzugangsverordnung Strom) oblige the grid system operators to procure energy required for the compensation of grid losses (loss energy) in a transparent, market-oriented and non discriminating manner.

The german regulator (Bundesnetzagentur) has fixed the details of the tendering process and the determination method for grid losses on October 21st, 2008 within the published specification BK6-08-006. Therefore binding guidelines exist for the tendering process.

For Transmission System Operators (TSO) the above mentioned specification of the Bundesnetzagentur contains a structuring of the grid losses into a long-term and a short-term component.

To procure the long-term component a tender procedure as well as a procurement which is independently carried out by the TSO at a Power Exchange is allowed.

According to the specification of the Bundesnetzagentur Amprion GmbH will provide all information in terms of number of lots, amount of energy and structure of each lot three weeks before each tender date at the latest.

NB: Amprion reserves the right to amend and update all published information as and when necessary.

The German documents – especially the electricity supply contract – are the legally binding documents. The English documents and the English website are provided for convenience of reading only.

According to section 17, paragraph 3 no. 3 and 7 of the German Electricity Grid Access Ordinance (Stromnetzzugangsverordnung = StromNZV) and section 10 of the German Electricity Grid Charge Ordinance (Stromnetzentgeltverordnung = StromNEV), the volumes and prices of grid losses were as follows:

Year Volume Price
2023 2,554,302 MWh 14.583 ct/kWh
2022 3,052,275 MWh 7.258 ct/kWh
2021 2,667,742 MWh 4.095 ct/kWh
2020 2,760,650 MWh 5.108 ct/kWh
2019 2,501,106 MWh 3.512 ct/kWh
2018 2,627,293 MWh 2.780 ct/kWh
2017 2,916,219 MWh 3.049 ct/kWh
2016 2,630,908 MWh 3.713 ct/kWh
2015 2,397,138 MWh 3.697 ct/kWh
2014 2,068,742 MWh 4.625 ct/kWh
2013 2,076,774 MWh 5.421 ct/kWh
2012 2,119,934 MWh 5.916 ct/kWh
2011 2,013,313 MWh 5.543 ct/kWh
2010 1,797,180 MWh 5.179 ct/kWh
2009 2,205,504 MWh 8.307 ct/kWh
2008 2,371,740 MWh 5.566 ct/kWh
2007 2,320,950 MWh 5.786 ct/kWh
2006 2,198,672 MWh 3.960 ct/kWh
2005 2,308,017 MWh 3.512 ct/kWh
2004 2,283,483 MWh 3.193 ct/kWh

The day ahead prognosis and the actual values of Amprions grid losses are needed by Amprion for the optimization of the procurement of its grid loss energy. This procurement is done in day ahead and intraday. For the optimization the day ahead prognosis is compared to the already procured long term values. The deviations are traded day ahead. During the actual day the day ahead prognosis is compared to the most recent actual values of the grid losses and resulting deviations are being balanced again.