Structural characteristics

According to the publication requirements of § 10 StromNEV and § 23c para. 1 EnWG every year on April 1st characteristic figures concerning the electricity grid have to be published on the Internet. These figures are represented in the following overview:

Publications in accordance with § 10 StromNEV and § 23c para. 1 EnWG (1st of April 2024)

Data Description Ultra High Voltage level Transformation level
Magnitude of average losses of the previous year 1.0% 0.5%
Average energy losses purchasing costs of the previous year 14.583 ct/kWh 14.583 ct/kWh
circuit length (overhead lines) as per 31 Dec of the previous year 10,087 km -
circuit length (cables) as per 31 Dec of the previous year 91 km -
installed transformer capacity (transformation level) as per 31 Dec of the previous year - 68,120 MVA
energy extracted in the previous year 94,691,776,046 71,712,195,320
number of extraction points 220 879
population figure in the grid area as per 31 De Only relevant for low voltage levels
Supplied area according to §24 section. 2 clauses 2 and 3 Only relevant for low and high voltage levels
Geographic area of the grid as per 31 Dec 79,187 km² -
Number of extraction points with a quarter-hourly based power reading or a profile reading metering 244
number of other extraction points 855
name of the responsible metering point operator Amprion GmbH