Sustainability Report

We are preparing the way for a sustainable energy system that is climate-neutral, safe and efficient.

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Financial Report 2022

Amprion invests record amount in accelerated grid expansion.

Financial Report

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Amprion connects

Our power lines are lifelines of society: They secure jobs and quality of life for 29 million people.

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Key topics

Grid Expansion

The expansion of the grid is intended to create a “breathing” system that can balance out the fluctuating infeeds from renewable energy sources.

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We keep our network stable and safe to transport electricity reliably and efficiently to the people and companies in our grid area.

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As a transmission system operator, we have a great deal of responsibility and make important contributions to the transformation of the energy system.

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People and Environment

Our top priority is to keep the ramifications of power transmission on people, nature and the environment to an absolute minimum.