Network Reserve

Current note

Expression of interest started until May 15, 2023 for winter 2023/2024. More information can be found here.


In order to ensure the security and reliability of the electricity supply system, power generation capacities are held in reserve in Germany and abroad and can be used outside the energy market upon request of the transmission system operators. This so-called grid reserve is used in special load situations in which the existing market power plants cannot cover the redispatch demand. In accordance with the provisions of the German regulation on network reserve of power plants ( Netzreserveverordnung), the four German transmission system operators jointly proceed an annual system analysis that includes a consideration of the guaranteed generating capacities available for demand-relevant periods within the following years. The identified demand for grid reserve capacity is primarily covered by existing grid reserve contracts between the transmission system operators and the power plant operators of domestic plants notified for decommissioning but which are relevant to the system. If the  results of the system analyses confirmed by the German NRA indicate a grid reserve requirement that cannot be covered solely by domestic power plants notified for decommissioning, the transmission system operators jointly conduct an expression of interest (EOI) for the respective time period in question. Within this scope, plant operators can express their interest in concluding a contract for the inclusion of one or more plants in the grid reserve. Within the framework of the EOI, depending on the needs of the transmission system operators and the corresponding location of the plant, the allocation of responsibility is carried out between the four transmission system operators.