What does Amprion represent? How do we view our mission? What is our attitude towards what we do? Our company’s Brand Manifesto answers these questions:

Our transmission network is more than just a network.

Our power lines are lifelines of society. They transport electricity for millions of people and thousands of companies in our grid area. They secure people’s jobs and their quality of life. We maintain the grid in a stable and secure condition so that life can pulsate.

Our assignment is more than just a statutory mandate.

We are proud of what we do. We confront the challenges of a rapidly developing energy landscape with passion and competence. In this time of transition, we are building true, tangible confidence: We do what we say. This dependability is the foundation on which we build connections with our partners. Together we are shaping the energy system of tomorrow.

Our mission is more than just a promise.

We feel an obligation to and a connection with humanity, the environment and the economy. With this connectedness, this feeling of solidarity, foremost in our thoughts, we are working to make our power grid more sustainable, step by step. We communicate openly and honestly. And we work together with others to find the best solution.

We bring the interests of people, the environment and technology into alignment.

So the lights never go out.