Balancing Group Contract

For the conclusion of a standard balancing group contract with Amprion, please send us an informal business letter with a request for a balancing group contract offer, stating the (EIC) Energy Identification Code, the type of use of the balancing group (e.g. trading, end customer supply, EEG etc.), the desired date of balancing group set-up and, if applicable, the allocation of balance deviations.

In addition, it is necessary that you register in our Network Economic Portal Registrierung NePo (Marktrolle BKV). After a successful registration, Annex 2 "Contact details of the BKV" will be made available for processing in the Network Economic Portal (NePo). This is absolutely necessary for the preparation of the contract.

If you are already BKV, you can update all annexes of the balancing group contract in the Network Economic Portal (NePo). This applies in particular to the new Annexes 1.1 and 6 in the context of the conversion to the new balancing group contract, valid from 01.08.2020.

Balancing group contracts of Amprion

The introduction of the new balancing group contract will be postponed to August 1st.

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