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Uniform Model for Balancing Energy Pricing – valid from November 2009

With its letter of 17 March 2009, the Federal Networks Agency called upon the transmission system operators to augment the existing uniform model for balancing energy pricing such that all working costs of control energy can be charged to the balancing group managers. The thus modified model was released for implementation by the Federal Networks Agency by a letter dated 25.09.2009.

Accordingly, the TSOs will implement this model uniformly with the calculation of the balancing energy prices for November 2009 during December 2009. The thus calculated balancing energy prices per quarter hour will continue to be applied symmetrically for any over- and under-coverage of each balancing group.

Below you will find the detailed description of the model and additional information for downloading.

Model to calculate the balancing energy prices

Information on accounting for costs that cannot be rolled over


Date: 05.08.2009

Due to an ex post correction of the settlement of a single supplier for control energy we have to adapt our published control energy prices (prices for balance group deviations) for the months April and May 2009. As a result of the correction there are in general lower control energy prices in the concerned quarterly hours. You can find the corrected values under the following link: prices for balance group deviations.

We regret, that the correction has become necessary after publication of the prices and would like to say sorry for any inconvenience caused. The balance group settlements for the months April and May 2009 will be corrected shortly. Furthermore, we have retrospectively adjusted the published control area balance as of 01.01.2009.

The published balance is now the balance of used control energy relevant for settlement and is therefore consistent with the control energy prices.

Due to the implementation of negative pricing at the Electricity bourse EEX in 2008, the Federal Grid Agency (BNetzAG) requested that as of the 01.01.2009 the German TSOs also include in their tenders for control power (secondary and minute reserve) negative energy prices. From January 1st 2009, as a result of these changes it is possible that negative balancing energy prices could occur.

On Nov. 4th, 2006, around 22:10 the UCTE interconnected grid was affected by a major disturbance, which was categorized as a serious incident according to §13.2 EnWG. In the RWE control area the use of §13.2 regulations continued until 01:00, 05.11.06. Due to the use of §13.2 there was no balancing group settlement during the period 04.11.06, 22:00 to 05.11.06, 01:00 carried out because settlement is based on quarter hours.

Therefore the balancing group settlement price has been set to zero for the above mentioned affected period.