Renewable energy levy

Renewable energy financing as of 2023

The EEG levy was abolished by law with effect from 01st January 2023. In future, the promotion of renewable energies will be financed by federal budget. The transmission system operators (TSOs) publish the renewable energy financing requirement annually by 25th October of a calendar year for the upcoming calendar year on the following  website.

Renewable energy levy from 2010 until 2022

According to the German Equalisation Mechanism Ordinance (EEV), end users will be charged by a standard nationwide renewable energy levy until the end of 2022. This levy was published by TSOs for the following year by 15th October of each year:

For the period from 1st January to 30th June 2022 the renewable energy levy 2022 amounts to 3.723 ct/kWh and in the period from July 1 to December 31, 2022 0.000 ct/kWh according to § 60 para 1a EEG 2021 (as amended in May 2022). Further details (in particular on the imputed total annual levy 2022) can be found on the following  website, run jointly by the German TSOs.

Renewable energy levy from 2010 to 2022

Year Renewable energy levy
2022 3.723 ct/kWh *
2021 6.500 ct/kWh
2020 6.756 ct/kWh
2019 6.405 ct/kWh
2018 6.792 ct/kWh
2017 6.880 ct/kWh
2016 6.354 ct/kWh
2015 6.170 ct/kWh
2014 6.240 ct/kWh
2013 5.277 ct/kWh
2012 3.592 ct/kWh
2011 3.530 ct/kWh
2010 2.047 ct/kWh

* listed is the full renewable energy levy determined for 2022 as of October 15th, 2021. For the second half of 2022, the levy was set to 0.000 ct/kWh in accordance with § 61 Para. 1a EEG (as amended in may 2022).