Balancing Group EEG

Publication to the balance group for energy according to the German renewable energy act, EEG


All values are determined and made available by the Amprion GmbH according to the principals of ability and fortunes and without guarantee for their correctness. If it should not be possible for technical or other reasons temporarily to determine or make the values available, the Amprion GmbH shall endeavour to make the supply of values as soon as possible. Any liability for damages due to temporary non-availability of values or due to unfound values is excluded, with exception of willfull deliberate damage.

Day Ahead traded Windpower

Day Ahead traded Photovoltaicpower

Required quantity of electricity traded at the Intraday market

The difference between the feeding prognosis in total for the production of the volume to procuring or to sold quantities of electricity and for this total over pre and for intra-day Spotmarkt or over the call of EEG reserve, currently in accordance with that, and/or sold quantities of electricity procured in each case.

EEG balancing group deviations

(negative value = surplus of energy / positive value = deficit of energy)