Multi Regional Coupling (MRC)

The MRC project for pan-European Day-Ahead Coupling currently covers 19 countries, representing over 85 % of Europe’s electricity consumption. The MRC project continues to operate Day-Ahead Coupling without major incident.

In 2014, the former NWE project was renamed to MRC.

04.02.2014: Successful Launch of SWE Common Synchronised Operations with NWE PC

The South-Western Europe (SWE) and North-Western Europe (NWE) day-ahead price coupling project partners are pleased to announce the successful launch of common synchronised operations of NWE and SWE day-ahead markets. Full price coupling on the French-Spanish border will be launched at a later stage. This has been decided by the project partners, following common testing and alignment of Gate Closure Times. Both projects operate using the systems and procedures provided by the Price coupling of Regions (PCR) initiative. This launch is a significant step towards an integrated European power market.

04.02.2014 North-Western European Power Markets Successfully Coupled

In a landmark move for the future of Europe’s power markets, the four Power Exchanges and 13 Transmission System Operators (TSOs) in the North-Western Europe (NWE) day-ahead price coupling project have today successfully launched NWE Price Coupling. For the first time, the NWE region, stretching from France to Finland, operates under a common day-ahead power price calculation using the Price Coupling of Regions (PCR) solution. The same solution is also used at the same time in the SWE region in a common synchronised mode.

Declaration from North-Western European Price Coupling Project

The Power Exchanges and Transmission System Operators involved, invited market participants for a first NWE stakeholder forum in 26th September 2012 in Brussels.

Following the NWE Price Coupling Stakeholder Forum and several inquiries of journalists on the NWE Day-ahead Price Coupling Project, the NWE project parties have decided to publish a Q&A document. It aims at informing all stakeholders on the project organization, the current status and planning of the project.