European responsibilities

The extra-high-voltage line between Cologne and Bludenz in Austria built in the 1920s anticipated today’s idea of a highly integrated European power network: the tighter you interconnect supra-regional networks, the more secure and efficient the power supply becomes. Today, Amprion’s grid is interconnected with other transmission grids within Germany and also with the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and Austria by means of interconnectors. In a sense, then, regional cooperation is in our DNA. As a physical platform, it is our grid that makes the European internal energy market possible in the first place. Within this framework, we make it available to all market participants – without any discrimination and at fair market prices. We work closely with other transmission system operators and our European partners to further develop Europe’s internal electricity market, to operate the grid safely and securely and to make it fit for Europe’s ongoing energy transition. This is a task and responsibility that is increasingly growing in importance as conventional means of power generation are cut back and the use of renewable energy sources continues to expand in many European countries. The following aspects are the focus of our European operations: