Communication profiles and certificates

On this page you will find the communication profiles required for all market roles, e-mail and web service addresses as well as the certificates for a signed and encrypted exchange of message files.

EDIFACT communications

Certificates for signing and encrypting e-mail messages

Marktrolle BDEW Codenummer Zertifikat Kommunikations-
Balancing Group Coordinator 4045399000008 Download
Grid Operator 4045399000015 Download
Metering Operator 4045399000053 Download
Supplier 4045399000060 Download
Balance Responsible Party 4045399000039 Download
Transmission System Operator 4045399000077 Download
EEG Einspeisezeitreihen 4045399000022 Download

Exchange of schedule messages

Marktrolle Zertifikat Kommunikationsdatenblatt
Fahrplanmanagement Download
Fahrplan Test For test purposes only!

SMGW communications

Marktrolle Profilename Kommunikationsprofil anfordern
Transmission System Operator Amprion.EMT.TSO_P Mail


Ebene Zertifikat
Root-CA T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2
Sub-CA TeleSec Business CA 1