Balancing Group Price

The demand for control power (of the balancing groups) corresponds to the total sum of deviations between the reported schedules and actual customer consumption or actual power plant in-feed. It is recorded on a quarter-hourly basis as a mean demand value by the control area balance responsible party of the TSO. Settlement with the balancing groups is on a quarter-hourly basis, using the (agreed) mean kilowatt-hour rates for unscheduled power flow.

For the regarded quarterly hour, the balancing group price results from the application costs for control power divided by the balance of control power relevant for settlement. Additionally the price’s absolute value is capped to the maximum application price of all utilized control power tenders.

A low control area balance does not necessarily imply the use of a small amount of control power. And this does not mean automatically low costs and low prices. This is due to the fact that within a quarter of an hour a change of direction between positive and negative secondary control power might be required.

The existing grid control cooperative (GCC) was expanded on 1st May 2010. Since that the GCC consists of the following four TSOs: 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Amprion GmbH, EnBW Transportnetze AG and transpower stromübertragungs gmbh.

In the context of the GCC, the TSOs have introduced a standardized price for balance energy (reBAP). This means that the same price for balance energy is applied in the four control areas participating in the grid control cooperative for each ¼ hour. The reBAP is primarily calculated by taking into account the total cost for the utilized balance energy by the total amount of utilized balance energy of each ¼ hour.

In addition to the reBAP, the total of the utilized balance energy is listed for each ¼ hour of the participating control areas.

A positive sign corresponds to the purchase of positive balance energy. A negative sign corresponds to the purchase of negative balance energy (discharge of surplus energy).

Further information to the balance-energy-price is published under the heading “Important info”.

Please send any queries you may have to the following email address, stating your address and telephone number: ten.noirpma@ofniten.noirpma@ofni

Important Information

On the 04.06.2012 we have corrected the prices for 10 /2011. They are slightly different in comparison to the publication from November 2012.

According to the market rules for the settlement of balance groups (MaBiS), the publication of the prices for balancing energy has changed from August 2011. The prices are now published in EUR/MWh.


AEP branch-solution comes into force in May 2016

we herewith inform you about the coming into force of the Ausgleichsenergiepreis (AEP) branch-solution from May 2016 on.

The “Linearisiertes Stufenmodell” (linearized step-model) has been presented and developed as interims-solution within a workshops on 02. February 2016. The verification of the model by Bundesnetzagentur showed that all parameters of Bundesnetzagentur are fulfilled.

The TSOs will apply the model from May 2016 on. A detailed description is encluded in the actualised model-describtion of the AEP. Furthermore please consider the publication of Bundesnetzagentur:

Aktuelle Mitteilungen der Beschlusskammer 6