Amprion Managing Director, Dr Hans-Jürgen Brick, talks about the most exciting phase of his career

Dr Brick, Amprion is currently experiencing a major surge in growth. Why does the company currently need so many new employees?

Our business is currently very dynamic. Expansion of the grid has got under way. Since the beginning of 2016, the responsible authorities have approved the construction of more than 300 kilometres of new power lines – an important prerequisite when it comes to making progress with the restructuring of our energy system.

That said, we still have around 2,000 project kilometres in the pipeline. The job of planning these projects, launching their approval process and implementing them is very demanding and labour-intensive. Moreover, expansion of the grid is not yet keeping pace with the growth of renewables. This is why we are developing short-term technical solutions to keep our grid stable during the re­structuring phase as well. We need reinforcements to enable us to cope with all of these labour-intensive tasks.

»Our employees are the company’s most important resource.«

Dr Hans-Jürgen Brick

Amprion Managing Director

Particularly since we foresee further challenges that will arise from the restructuring of the electricity system. How is Amprion preparing itself for future innovation surges?

By taking the initiative right now. Amprion must prepare for future challenges such as the connection of offshore wind farms, sector coupling and the deployment of new technologies. Only by doing so will we continue to fulfil our responsibility to absorb more and more energy from renewables and at the same time operate a reliable transmission grid for the 29 million people in our grid area. In order to prepare such long-term projects from a strategic point of view, we are now building up our in-house know-how. Our employees are the most important resource allowing Amprion to fulfil its economic mission.

What would you like to see most in view of this constant growth of the Amprion team?

That we succeed in maintaining the strong team spirit we have in our company. If everyone continues to pull in the same direction, if everyone works well together, from the technical colleagues to the lawyers, the communicators and IT experts, we will find solutions to keep our grid operating securely and cost-effectively in the future. For me, this is the most exciting phase in my career. We as a company can make an active contribution to the success of the energy transition. This is a unique opportunity that we want to, and must, seize.

Interview: Alexandra Brandt Photo: Hartmut Nägele

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