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Das Bild zeigt 2 Mitarbeitende der Amprion GmbH. Sie sind in einer Umspannanlage, tragen gelb/ blaue Schutzbekleidung und einen weißen Helm mit dem Logo von Amprion. Sie blicken auf eine Unterlage.
Das Piktogramm zeigt zwei ineinander liegende Kreise verschiedener Schattierungen von Orange. Im dunkleren Kreis befinden sich drei stilisierte Menschen mit Helmen.

We look out for the health of our employees and their safety at work. Our corporate culture is characterised by mutual respect and appreciation. As such, we live for diversity and equal opportunity. To achieve this, we invest in: ·

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Active personnel development
  • Corporate culture

Occupational health and safety

Everything to do with our power grid demands compliance with the very highest of safety standards. To ensure this, Amprion has installed an occupational safety management system certified in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 standard. We are currently in the process of switching this system over to be in line with the international standard ISO 45001. An occupational safety management officer is coordinating this changeover throughout the company.

Active personnel development

More than 2,000 people are currently employed by Amprion – around 20 per cent more than in 2019. We offer exciting job opportunities not only for experienced professionals, but also for young people taking the first steps in their career. We offer a range of apprenticeships in commercial and technical fields. All new colleagues benefit from professional onboarding and mentoring during their initial familiarisation phase. We believe in needs-based, tailored and targeted personnel development. For example, we help our employees to acquire specialist know-how and special skills by offering them training courses, seminars and workshops. We also push them to join (specialist) committees, participate in external development measures and collaborate with research institutions on projects.

Corporate culture

Our corporate culture is built on shared values and is shaped by the togetherness of our workforce. That said, we know that we need to strengthen this culture in the long term and make targeted adjustments in certain areas. This is why we have begun in 2021 to take a closer look at how we work together and to make further improvements where necessary, focusing on appreciation, transparency, learning objectives and interdepartmental cooperation.

We attach great importance to offering our employees attractive working conditions. The Management Board and Joint Works Council are always committed to taking the interests of the employees on board. Our ideas management system also enables staff to make suggestions for improvements. In matters of sustainability, our Sustainability Officer’s door is open to everyone who works for us and they actively encourage people to participate and express their ideas. Our “Employee Assistance Program” offers employees support in matters related to any health, family, psychological and legal problems they may be experiencing.

Amprion brings together people from very different backgrounds. And we consciously oppose any form of discrimination. The issue of equality is also reflected in a number of initiatives, such as our LGBTIQ* network and our women’s network, which focuses not only on gender equality, but covers other issues as well. In addition, we create conditions for a good work-life balance, including flexible working hours and workplaces. And employees who do volunteer work in their free time are supported through our “Social Projects on the Net” (SPIN) programme.