Field of Action: Employees

Zwei Amprion-Mitarbeitende in orangenen Warnwesten mit weißen Schutzhelmen auf dem Kopf stehen in einer Dünenlandschaft unter blauem Himmel. Alles ist mit Zaun und orangenen Netzen abgesperrt. Neben ihnen verschwindet ein rotes Rohr im Boden.
Das Piktogramm zeigt zwei ineinander liegende Kreise verschiedener Schattierungen von Orange. Im dunkleren Kreis befinden sich drei stilisierte Menschen mit Helmen.

We look out for the health of our employees and their safety at work. Our corporate culture is characterised by mutual respect and appreciation. As such, we live for diversity and equal opportunity. To achieve this, we invest in:

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Active personnel development
  • Corporate culture

Occupational health and safety

All work on our grid demands compliance with the very highest safety standards. Amprion has installed a certified occupational health and safety management (OHS) system as one way of restricting hazards to a minimum. The OHS system comprises occupational health and safety regulations and requirements for all Amprion departments and employees. It is regularly audited, and its effectiveness reviewed, by the responsible employers’ liability insurance association (BG ETEM), amongst other things based on the international  DIN ISO 45001 standard.

Amprion not only creates a safe working environment but also promotes the health of its employees. This includes health days, various prevention courses and cancer screenings.

Active personnel development

More than 2,300 people are currently employed by Amprion – around nine per cent more than in 2021. We provide exciting job opportunities not only for experienced professionals, but also for young people taking the first steps in their career. We offer a range of apprenticeships in commercial and technical occupations. All new colleagues benefit from professional onboarding and mentoring during their initial training phase.

We believe in needs-based, individual and targeted personnel development. For example, we help our employees to acquire specialist know-how and particular skills and abilities in training courses, seminars and workshops. Since 2021, Amprion’s continuing professional development activities have been bundled in a digital learning portal, where employees can find out about the extensive range of courses on offer and sign up for the ones that best suit their needs no matter what time it is or where they are. Web-based training and video tutorials can also be completed directly through the portal.

Corporate culture

In view of our steady growth, promoting a positive corporate culture is a key concern for Amprion on the way to satisfied employees and maximum business success. Against this background, a broad process of cultural development, communication and interaction has been initiated. More than 100 employees from all company departments got together in 15 workshops to define the cornerstones of Amprion’s corporate culture, consisting of five mission-critical elements: transparency, appreciation, interdepartmental cooperation, learning objectives and goal orientation. Together they form our cultural compass.

Amprion is committed to offering its employees attractive working conditions. The basic framework is laid down in a collective agreement negotiated between the ver.di trade union and the employers’ association. Amongst other things, this includes performance-related remuneration and fair work time arrangements. Furthermore, Amprion puts conditions in place that allow people to enjoy a productive working life which harmonises with their private life and the needs of family. We believe in flexible working hours and have introduced different work time models plus the option of working from home. We continuously integrate the interests of our employees. Amprion’s Joint Works Council is responsible for employee co-determination at company level.

Amprion brings together people from very different backgrounds. This diversity, collaboration among colleagues and the equal treatment of everyone characterise our daily interactions. For this reason, Amprion consciously opposes any form of discrimination – whether based on gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, ideology or disability. The issue of equality is reflected in a number of initiatives, such as our LGBTIQ* network and our women’s network, which focuses on issues such as gender equality.