As a transmission system operator, Amprion operates in an environment that is shaped by a multitude of different laws and regulations. At the same time, we have a duty to fulfil that brings with it an enormous responsibility toward society. This is something of which we are constantly aware. Our actions are defined by feelings of direct responsibility, sincerity and integrity and by a respect for our fellow human beings and the environment. For us, compliance is much more than just a buzzword: observance of all laws and in-house rules is a fundamental component of Amprion’s corporate culture.

The implementation of energy regulations affects many different areas of our day-to-day work – such as customer relationships, communication or IT-based handling of information. By providing support for the daily work routine and a preventive compliance management system, we help our employees to conduct themselves in compliance with the law and responsibly in all situations. Our Compliance Codex offers guidance – such as on how to deal with invitations, gifts or sensitive data.

The contact person for compliance issues is Dr Richter:

Dr Christoph Richter
Head of Risk Management/Compliance/Data Privacy
T: +49 231 5849-13100
Email: ten.noirpma@rethcir.hpotsirhc

External Ombudsman

In addition to our own Compliance Officer, our employees, but also third parties such as market operators, suppliers and other business partners, can contact an external ombudsman with any questions or information they may have concerning compliance.

Dr Thomas Höch
Höch & Partner
Wittekindstr. 30
44139 Dortmund

Tel. +49(0)231/2222-7676
Fax +49(0)231/2222-7677