Equal treatment pursuant to the Energy Act

Amprion GmbH has been certified by the Federal Network Agency as an independent transmission system operator in accordance with Sections 10 et seq. of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG). As a transmission system operator (TSO), Amprion has the task of granting customers non-discriminatory access to its grid. A number of statutory regulations guarantee that no market operator is given preferential treatment or disadvantaged. This fact must be respected at all times by our employees in their daily work.

To ensure this is the case, Amprion has appointed a Non-discrimination Officer in accordance with the Energy Industry Act. Dr Lars Rößing performs this task with the approval of the Federal Network Agency. It is the job of the Non-discrimination Officer to ensure that the rules of cooperation defined in the non-discrimination programme are implemented. Accordingly, all Amprion employees are obliged to treat commercially sensitive customer data as confidential. Whenever Amprion has information of relevance to the market, all market players affected by this information must be able to take notice of it in equal measure and at the same time.

All members of staff at Amprion undertake to comply with these principles of non-discrimination at the time of their being hired. Moreover, they are bound by the basic obligations as set out in the Compliance Codex, which forms the foundation of all compliant collaboration.