Sustainability Management

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Acting responsibly requires goal-oriented planning. This applies not only to the safe operation, expansion and upgrading of the grid, but also to our commitment to people, the environment and the climate. As part of its sustainability management, Amprion has developed a sustainability strategy that has clear objectives and comprises five fields of action. It also sets the framework for our first Sustainability Report. In this report, we make our commitment visible and establish the basis for dialogue with our stakeholders. Our Sustainability Officer coordinates the activities.

Sustainability strategy

Sustainability is an integral part of Amprion’s strategy and is being driven forward by the Management Board. Embodying and promoting responsibility, shaping the energy system of tomorrow – this is the objective we are pursuing with our sustainability strategy. We are pursuing 16 key sustainability issues, which we have assigned to five fields of action. These issues and the sustainability goals are anchored in the goals of the departments. Their implementation is being pursued throughout the company. For each field of action in our sustainability strategy we have formulated measurable key goals and sub-goals that we intend to achieve successively or have already achieved. We use the Sustainability Report to report on the progress we have made to date.

Stakeholder dialogue

Amprion is operating in a truly diverse field of interest. That’s why maintaining a continuous dialogue with our stakeholders is so important. Stakeholder dialogue also plays a central role in sustainability management. In order to better understand our environment, in 2020 we identified and classified our sustainability stakeholders into groups. The analysis revealed that dialogue with four specific groups is key to our sustainability management programme: civil society and customers, politicians and authorities, our employees and players in the equity markets.

Key issues

To realise systematic sustainability management, it is essential to identify and evaluate the issues that are material to the company. First, we asked various stakeholder groups to assess the impact Amprion has on people, the environment and society depending on the issue. To this end, we conducted a company-wide employee survey in which more than 600 employees participated. We also conducted interviews with a total of ten experts from politics, NGOs, science, from customers and business partners. Both from a stakeholder perspective and an in-house perspective, the issues concerning the field of action we refer to as the “Secure power system” are of the utmost importance. This shows how directly our core business is linked to sustainable development. The fact that environmental issues were in some cases rated similarly highly reflects the expectation that we will shape tomorrow’s energy system in a way that is compatible with the climate and the environment and avoids adverse effects on nature.

Sustainability organisation

In order to anchor sustainability firmly into our corporate identity, Amprion relies on a system of clear responsibilities and a permanent and lively exchange between the departments. In 2018, Amprion appointed a Sustainability Officer. She reports directly to the Management Board. Her tasks include drawing up the sustainability strategy, coordinating internal activities, reporting and therefore tracking the achievement of goals set. To this end, she works closely with all specialist departments, frames the dialogue with stakeholders and is responsible for communicating sustainability activities.


Contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

In autumn 2015, the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. States, citizens and the private sector were all called upon to work to implement it. Specifically, there are 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are to be achieved by 2030. These include combatting climate change, ending poverty and hunger, ensuring healthy lives and inclusive and equitable quality education and achieving gender equality. Amprion is also committed to these global goals. Through our business activities, we contribute to achieving five different SDGs.