Supervisory Board

Amprion GmbH, with its 1,250-strong workforce, has a supervisory board numbering twelve members. Its duties and responsibilities are laid down in law and the company articles: it appoints the members of the management board, monitors their work and advises them on long-term strategic matters. Furthermore, the supervisory board reviews the annual financial statement prior to its publication. In addition, the financial and investment plans also require its approval.

The labour representatives of the supervisory board of Amprion GmbH make up one third of the members with voting rights. They ensure that the interests of the company’s employees are protected in all decisions made, in accordance with Germany’s Co-determination Act.

Professor Heinz-Werner Ufer
Lecturer at the Chair of Management Accounting and Control of the Technical University of
Dortmund, Chairman
Christian Mosel
Chief Executive Officer of Ärzteversorgung Westfalen-Lippe - an institution of the Ärztekammer Westfalen-Lippe - corporation under public law
1st Deputy Chairman
Josef Frankemölle*
2nd Deputy Chairman
Frank Amberg
Head of Private Equity & Infrastructure of MEAG MUNICH ERGO AssetManagement GmbH
Dr. Peter-Henrik Blum-Barth
Chief Manager Capital Investments Liquid Assets, SV SparkassenVersicherung Holding AG
Detlef Börger-Reichert*
Chairman of the Works Council at Amprion GmbH in Dortmund
Malte Glasneck*
Member of the Works Council at Amprion GmbH in Hoheneck
Natalie Kornowski*
Chairwoman of the General Works Council at Amprion GmbH and Chairwoman of the Works Council at Amprion GmbH in Brauweiler
Dr Thomas Mann
CEO of Ampega Investment GmbH
Christoph Manser
Head of Infrastructure Investments of Swiss Life Asset Management AG
Fred Riedel
Tax adviser (counsel), Director Finance and Administration ISD e.V., Düsseldorf
Dr. Rolf Martin Schmitz

* Employees’ representatives