Amprion operates in a politically defined market environment: Germany and Europe will become climate neutral latest by 2050, while the safety and stability of the power grid must be guaranteed at all times. For this purpose, Amprion relies on strategic guidelines, which equally reflect the internal business interests as well as existing external factors:

Strategic target vision

Next generation transmission system operator as enabler of the energy transition

As an independent organisation, the goal of Amprion is to further drive forward the energy transition as the next generation transmission system operator. Following this goal, growth opportunities are constantly evaluated along current sustainability standards of the energy industry.

Vast technical know-how for maximum efficiency

Amprion possesses extensive competences in modelling energy grids, in the development of market models as well as in simulating cross-sector (multi-modal) power grids.

Innovative forerunner, driving digitalisation forward

Operating the grid, Amprion relies on high levels of efficiency and self-made innovations. Already today, we develop new operational resources and concepts to tackle the challenges of growing capacity usage within the existing grid, the integration of future flexibilities and the ongoing development of overlapping structures.

Furthermore, it is our goal to establish a new sector standard for digitalisation and data management. For this purpose, Amprion develops the “Operating System of the Energy Transition” – a centralized platform for processing all relevant data of the power grid.

Strategic Guidelines

Performance capacity

  • Guaranteeing system security is our highest priority.
  • Our economic performance is the foundation for a solid capital structure, stable profits, and a solid investment grade rating.
  • Our employees and technologies are the key to an efficient and economic implementation of our statutory obligation.
  • We advocate for a market and regulatory environment, which sustainably enables the required investments in the grid expansion and systemic solutions.
  • For this purpose, we maintain a close dialogue with ministries, government, and the Federal Network Agency.

Focus of implementation

  • Based on our statutory obligation, we consistently, efficiently and in line with demand drive forward the expansion of the grid.
  • Projects are only executed, if they are sustainable from a technical and economic perspective, both today and in the future.
  • In transforming the energy system, we combine grid expansion with systemic solutions.
  • We strive for a high degree of innovation. For this purpose, we develop and implement new information technologies and methods.

Stakeholder focus

  • Involving stakeholders and generating social acceptance for our activities are of fundamental relevance to our business.
  • Through this, we generate trust as well as political support and drive forward the transition towards a decarbonized energy supply system.
  • As a sustainably operating business, we constantly evaluate all our activities from a social, ecological, and economic perspective and along highest standards with regards to occupational safety, health security, biodiversity and environmental protection, resource efficiency and climate protection.