Field of Action: Society and Customers

Ein Industriestandort an einer Rheinkurve
Zwei ineinander liegende Kreise verschiedener Schattierungen von Rot. Im dunklen Kreis zwei Sprechblasen.

We stand for a broad dialogue and create value added in the region through our activities and commitment. For our customers we are a dependable and equal partner. We trust in:

  • Regional commitment
  • Customer orientation
  • Added value for society

Regional commitment

We are well aware that grid expansion can only work if we have the broad acceptance of the population. The construction of new power lines in particular affects the interests of many people. For this reason, Amprion gives environmental organisations, associations, authorities and citizens the chance to participate in grid expansion projects by expressing their concerns right from an early stage of our planning activities. We explain to them why new transmission links are needed and how they are planned, approved and built. And we invite them to acquaint themselves with the circumstances and submit any comments they may have even before the formal approval process begins. In doing so, we go beyond what is required of us by law and create the basis for a broad-based dialogue. In each of our projects, one member of staff from Project Communication is put in permanent charge of taking care of the concerns of local and regional stakeholders.

We employ a range of different dialogue formats to conduct a citizen-focused conversation in the project areas. In order to involve as many people as possible, we have deliberately designed our offering to be broadly based. It is important to have this local perspective so that we can implement solutions that match the local circumstances. Our participation formats help us to incorporate the knowledge gathered locally at an early stage – using analogue or digital formats depending on the needs and the target group.

Our dialogue formats for citizens and municipalities

Die Grafik zeigt zwei stilisierte Menschen vor einer ebenfalls stilisierten infografik. es handelt sich dabei um ein weißes Piktogramm auf rotem Grund.

Citizens’ info market

Dialogue-oriented information and consultation offering for all stakeholders in the project region

Die Grafik zeigt einen stilisierten Mensch in Weiß mit einer Sprechblase auf rotem Grund.

Citizens’ consultation / Construction consultation

Face-to-face dialogue on various topics

Die Grafik zeigt zwei Menschen im Gespräch, stilisierte Hinweis Komma auf rotem Grund.

Stakeholder consultations

Informative one-to-one or group consultations with relevant stakeholders

Die Grafik zeigt einen stilisierten Ortsmarker in weiß auf rotem Grund.

Excursions and on-site visits

On-site meetings in project areas

Die Grafik zeigt unser Informationsmobil stilisiert in weißer Farbe auf rotem Grund.


Information service for small towns and villages for a mobile and flexible dialogue

Rote Kachel.

Other Formats

Lecture and discussion events, owners’ forum, workshops, workshop process/planning dialogue, round table

Customer orientation

Furthermore, we seek to build a close collaborative relationship with our customers that goes above and beyond the legal requirement to provide a non-discriminatory grid connection. Some 60 customers from the power plant operator, distribution system operator and industrials segments are connected to our transmission grid. We keep our grid in a stable and secure condition for them, while at the same time working with them to develop solutions for integrating renewable energies that contribute to the decarbonisation of industry. Manufacturers in our grid area increasingly want to use renewables to power their production facilities. To help them achieve this goal, we assist them when it comes to planning more efficient grid connections.

Amprion encourages close interaction with its customers. Through recurring information offerings such as a customer magazine, mailshots on political and grid-related issues, face-to-face meetings, the annual Customers’ Day and online formats we keep them up to date on all the latest developments. In addition, Amprion regularly invites customers to a range of different events. Furthermore, we survey our customers every two to three years on aspects such as performance, competence, customer orientation, reliability and trustworthiness.

Our formats for customer dialogue

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Amprion Customers’ Day

Lecture event with alternating speakers from Amprion and external experts

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Lecture and discussion format on contemporary issues with a workshop-like atmosphere

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Event with presentations by in-house and external speakers and moderated discussion of energy industry related topics

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Annual dialogue format between TSOs and DSOs for practice-oriented exchange of ideas

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Face-to-face customer survey on aspects such as performance, competence, customer orientation, reliability, trustworthiness

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Amprion’s customer magazine, published twice a year, providing information on grid-related topics and news from the company

Added value for society

Through our work towards a safer and more sustainable energy world, we are contributing to the common good. By actively shaping energy transition, we are assuming responsibility for our society and for sustainable development. What’s more, we are committed to further advancing Europe’s internal electricity market . To this end, we are working with numerous stakeholders and participating in a number of initiatives to promote cross-border concepts and projects.

We champion a range of social issues unrelated to our core business. One component of our commitment concerns financial support for projects linked to equal opportunities as well as open and non-discriminatory access to education. It was against this background that we developed a donations concept that in future will allow appropriate projects to be selected based on clearly defined criteria. The allocation of funds is subsequently reviewed by our Compliance department and, depending on the amount of expenditure involved, approved by the Management Board. Through our “Soziale Projekte im Netz” (SPIN, Social Projects on the Net) programme, we also support employees who do volunteer work.