Field of action: Corporate governance

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We stand for law-abiding and ethical conduct. We respect human rights in our own operations as well as in the supply chain. To ensure compliance with environmental and social standards, we will work towards installing greater transparency. Our focus is therefore on:

  • Compliance
  • Procurement


Our actions are characterised by a sense of direct responsibility, sincerity and integrity and respect for our fellow human beings and the environment. As a regulated company, Amprion is subject to special legal requirements. The Management Board manages the company accordingly and is itself monitored and supervised by the Supervisory Board. In our Compliance Code, we have set out key principles for conduct that complies with regulations and the law. They apply to the Supervisory Board, the Management Board, executives and all employees alike. For us, compliance is something we live and breathe in everything we do. We have also established a compliance management system that applies to the whole of Amprion, including our offshore-line subsidiary. The principles of our corporate governance also include sustainable financing.

We focus on a solid and secure financing strategy and avoid unnecessary risks. In the highly regulated environment in which we operate, we also seek constructive and objective dialogue with representatives of state agencies and political parties. We see our role as that of a technical consultant.

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Profitability, efficiency and sustainability

Amprion guarantees an efficient transmission system that supports the energy policy goals with a view to 2030/2050.

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System security and reliable grid operation

Amprion ensures system security and establishes the conditions necessary to configure the grid to meet demands, manage it efficiently and operate it safely.

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Environmental protection

Amprion meets high environmental protection standards in its planning, construction and operation of the grid.

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Innovation, knowledge and skills

Amprion manages the grid with the aid of a qualified workforce.

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Amprion cooperates with other grid operators and maintains respectful dealings with authorities and organisations.


Along our entire value chain, we advocate the recognition, promotion and observance of fundamental values for human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and fighting corruption. We expect the same from our external partners, too. For this reason, our “General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Payment” (GTCP) require our suppliers and service providers to uphold human rights, comply with industrial safety and environmental protection legislation as well as to act in a legally and ethically impeccable manner. A procurement guideline regulates the responsibilities in the purchasing process. In implementing our duty of care in respect of human rights, we are guided by the National Action Plan for “Business and Human Rights”.

At the beginning of 2021, we reviewed how our suppliers manage the issue of human rights: almost all of our largest partners, who together account for 55 per cent of our total volume of orders, have installed high standards. With the help of a new concept, we will be reviewing more suppliers in the future, including conducting specific case-by-case reviews. We are currently preparing a corresponding analysis of environmental aspects in the procurement process.

The Greener Choice

Together with nine other European transmission system operators, Amprion is committed to further advancing sustainability in supply chains and procurement processes. With their "Greener Choice" initiative, the TSO's call on their suppliers and partners to help each other and work together to make the products and services they offer more sustainable – and so contribute to the establishment of a carbon-neutral society.