Creditor Relations

To meet its finance requirements, Amprion has a range of tools it can draw on in addition to the net cash provided by operating activities. The international capital market plays a particularly important role for Amprion in financing grid expansion, providing debt capital at favourable terms and quick access to additional liquidity.

The debt issuance programme (DIP) provides Amprion with long-term latitude in raising debt capital on the capital market. The DIP is a framework prospectus for flexible bond issuance. Currently, the DIP allows Amprion to issue bonds with a total face value of up to nine billion euros.

By purchasing Amprion bonds, creditors are able to invest in sustainable grid expansion and the energy transition in Germany. Through their investment, creditors not only participate in this extensive transformation of the power supply network, but also actively support the sustainable transition to a climate-neutral economy.

Amprion has been assigned a Baa1 (stable outlook) and BBB+ (stable outlook) rating by the internationally renowned rating agencies Moody’s and Fitch, placing it in the investment grade category.

In addition to the DIP, Amprion also uses promissory notes, a commercial paper programme, bilateral and syndicated loan agreements as well as uncommitted credit lines to raise further short-and long-term debt capital.

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