Das Bild zeigt Herrn Professor Heinz-Werner Ufer.

Prof. Heinz-Werner Ufer,
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Amprion GmbH has brought financial year 2017 to a successful conclusion. This is reflected not only in our economic performance and progress with the expansion of our grid, but also in the innovative technological solutions whereby Amprion is contributing to the success of the energy transition. For instance, during 2017 Amprion brought into operation further routes fitted with high-temperature low-sag conductors, in order to increase the transmission capacity of particularly heavily utilised sections of the grid, as well as trialling new technology for the trenchless laying of underground cables.

Moreover, Amprion has participated in national and European projects. The aim is to continuously reinforce the innovative strength the company can bring to bear in every of its parts.

The Supervisory Board was deeply involved in the company’s development in financial year 2017. The Board fulfilled the obligations assigned to it by law and the shareholders’ agreement, devoting especially close attention to its monitoring and advisory duties with respect to the Executive Management. The members received reports from the Managing Directors, both in writing and verbally, regarding the course of business, key issues of business policy and the company’s position and performance. They discussed in depth significant business incidents with the Management Board and made any decisions that were required. In addition, the chairman of the Supervisory Board consulted the Managing Directors outside of the Supervisory Board meetings over individual events of importance, and discussed questions of corporate strategy and business policies in preparation for the Board meetings. Furthermore, the Audit Committee fulfilled the tasks assigned to it by the shareholders’ agreement, in particular the com­prehensive preparation of the adoption of the annual financial statements by the Supervisory Board.

Four Supervisory Board meetings were held during the reporting period. The focus of its deliberations was on the Managing Directors’ detailed reporting of the company’s position, including the development of revenues and profits and the company’s strategic goals. In addition, the Supervisory Board intensively discussed and adopted the budget submitted for 2018. Furthermore, the long-term investment planning up to 2027 was discussed comprehensively and approved by the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board also gave due consideration to the regulatory environment in which the company operates as well as the changes in statutory regulations that have occurred or are imminent.

The auditor selected by shareholders’ resolution of 30 April 2017 and engaged by the company’s Super­visory Board for the annual audit, BDO AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft Düsseldorf, audited the annual financial statements and the management report of Amprion GmbH for financial year 2017, including the bookkeeping, and certified the statements with an unqualified auditor’s opinion.

The auditor’s report, the annual financial statements and the management report were submitted to the Supervisory Board members in good time prior to the Supervisory Board meeting on 10 April 2018 and were comprehensively reviewed during the meeting. The auditor participated in the Supervisory Board’s deliberations and reported on the major results of his audit. In addition, he was available to pro­vide any supplementary information. The Supervisory Board agreed with the results of the audit. The Board also conducted its own review of the annual financial statements and management report prepared by Executive Management. Upon completion of its review, no objections were raised. The Supervisory Board approved the management report and the annual financial statements for financial year 2017; the financial statements have therefore been adopted.

Financial year 2017 saw the following changes in the membership of the Supervisory Board:

Supervisory Board member Mr Manfred Rupps left the Board upon expiry of his term of office on 30 June 2017. By shareholders’ resolution of 30 June 2017, Dr Peter-Henrik Blum-Barth, Department Head of Capital Investments Liquid Assets of SV SparkassenVersicherung Holding AG, was elected to the Supervisory Board of Amprion GmbH.

Supervisory Board member Mr Uwe Tigges left the Board upon expiry of his term of office on 30 April 2017. By shareholders’ resolution of 30 April 2017, Dr Rolf Martin Schmitz, CEO of RWE AG, was elected to the Supervisory Board of Amprion GmbH.

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board would like to take this opportunity to express thanks and appreciation for all the good work done by the management and employees of Amprion GmbH during the 2017 financial year.

Dortmund, 10 April 2018

Prof. Heinz-Werner Ufer

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

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