The energy transition is one of the great innovative projects of our times.
We want it to succeed.

Electricity is the lifeblood of our modern society. It enhances quality of life and makes businesses competitive. As a transmission system operator Amprion is responsible for ensuring that sufficient energy is delivered to the power point. Thus our power lines form the metaphorical lifelines of our economy. They reliably transmit power for 29 million people over a territory extending from Lower Saxony to the Alps.

This helps us to see very clearly what challenges are posed by the energy transition: by 2050 renewable energy is set to generate at least 80 per cent of Germany’s electricity. The transmission network will have to transport ever greater, strongly fluctuating volumes of weather-dependent power. To do so we will have to ex­pand the grid, including across national borders, and that in turn will require us to integrate new, innovative technologies into the power system.

Not only will the energy transition fundamentally transform the economy, it will also change our everyday relationship with energy. We want this process to succeed, and are making our own contribution to ensuring a future-proof, secure and efficient energy supply for Germany and Europe. You can read about how we do that in this magazine, which we shall be putting out under a new title from now on: Lebensadern, or lifelines.

Das Bild zeigt Herrn Thomas Wiede, Leiter Unternehmenskommunikation und digitale Medien.

I hope you have a lot of pleasure reading it.

Thomas Wiede

Head of Corporate Communications and Digital Media at Amprion

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