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Our success in business is dependent to a significant extent on our suppliers. The quality of materials and reliability in the supply chain are absolutely essential for us as an infrastructure operator. We achieve this through partnership-based relationships on a level playing field: our goal is to create value for both sides through open communication, flexible and transparent processes and collaboration on innovative developments. When it comes to supplier management, we believe in a structured supplier-onboarding and contract-management process along with an ongoing evaluation of supplier performance.


Code of conduct for suppliers

Amprion expressly endorses the principles of the UN Global Compact and actively promotes these principles in the fields of human rights, labour standards, environmental standards and strict ethical and moral standards in business.

Our suppliers, including their companies, employees, representatives, clients and distribution partners, are under an obligation to comply with all national and international statutory provisions. They must avoid any acts that could result in Amprion or a company affiliated to Amprion breaking the law or becoming exposed to legal sanctions. Additionally, we expect our suppliers to comply with our social, ecological and commercial standards in accordance with the UN Global Compact.

Application as a supplier

Amprion uses SAP Ariba as the platform for supplier management. New supplier applications will also be managed via this system in future. Please continue to contact us via email as described below until the new registration page has been launched.
If you would like to become a supplier or service provider for Amprion, please contact us via email at: ten.noirpma@gnubrewebnetnarefeil

  • Please provide us with your complete contact details.
  • Describe your products and services to us with an adequate level of detail.

If there is sufficient demand for your portfolio at Amprion and we see the potential to use your products and services, we will contact you of our own accord. Please refrain from making further enquiries of any kind (by telephone, in writing, email, in person).

Supplier registration

Amprion invites potential new suppliers to take the first step towards registration by email:

  • Log into/create Ariba Network account: use the link in our invitation email to create an Ariba Network account or to log into an existing account.
  • Note: the link in the invitation email only applies to the registration process. You can then log into your account at
  • Registration form: use our form to enter your address and bank details and list the products and services that your company can provide.
  • Code of conduct for suppliers: accept Amprion’s code of conduct for suppliers in order to submit the form.
  • Detailed company due diligence: we will undertake our internal detailed company due diligence based on the data provided before we approve your registration.
  • Request for certificates: depending on the specific category, you may receive an email asking you to complete additional, web-based forms and to provide certificates for fields such as quality management, HSSE, information security, social responsibility, etc.

Information on the purchasing terms and conditions can be found here.

You can find additional contact options here.

We process and use the data you supply, in particular personal data, in accordance with the provisions of data-protection legislation.

Electronic invoicing

Amprion GmbH and Amprion Offshore GmbH accept incoming invoices exclusively liame yb. Please send your invoices by email, citing the order reference. The mailbox can be used for invoices for both companies. The credit-note process can be managed via the Amprion procurement system.

Please note: this mailbox is used exclusively to receive invoices for automatic processing. Any text included in the email will not be processed electronically and will therefore not be read or taken into account.

Please be aware of the following points to ensure your invoice is handled successfully:

  • Please only send us one invoice per email
  • Please only send us one attachment per email
  • Invoices and attachments must be sent as PDFs
  • The size of the attachments must not exceed a maximum of 30 MB
  • Use one of the following terms in the subject line:

Always make sure that your invoices display the correct invoice recipient:

Amprion GmbH
Central Invoicing Office / Zentraler Rechnungseingang
Robert-Schuman-Straße 7
44263 Dortmund

Amprion Offshore GmbH
Central Invoicing Office / Zentraler Rechnungseingang
Robert-Schuman-Straße 7
44263 Dortmund

You can find further information on electronic invoicing and tax rules for issuing invoices and credit notes under Downloads.


Please send your guarantees to us by registered post to:

Amprion GmbH
Kreditorenmanagement / Accounts Payable
Robert-Schuman-Straße 7
44263 Dortmund

To ensure swift processing, sample forms are available for you to use.

Innovation management

We are always looking for fresh, creative ideas and innovative solutions. Potential suppliers are more than welcome to contact us and present their pioneering concepts. Together we can shape the future and raise the bar. Join our innovation network. We are looking forward to your suggestions. Feel free to get in touch.