Wesel - Meppen

Section of  EnLAG Project No. 5 | Diele – Niederrhein

Between Wesel in the Niederrhein (Lower Rhine) and Meppen in the Emsland region, we are building a 380-kilovolt power line over a distance of more than 150 kilometres. The link is scheduled for completion in 2021. We are trialling the underground cabling of this AC link along a total of three sections. The first cable section in Raesfeld/Münsterland has been in trial operation since mid-2016.

Requirement and Necessity

Connected to the southern end of our Wesel – Meppen (Diele – Niederrhein) power line project are our projects Niederrhein/Wesel – Osterath and Osterath – Weißenthurm. Together they form a main axis for transmitting electricity from northern to southern Germany.

Technology: First Underground Cables being trialled in Pilot Sections

For the first time ever, we are using underground cables for the 380-kilovolt level of the extra-high-voltage grid (in accordance with the Energy Grid Expansion Act (EnLAG) of 2009), in pilot projects in three sections that run close to a densely built-up residential development.

The cable transfer station in Löchte near Raesfeld connects the pilot underground cable section with the overhead line.

The majority of the section is to run as an overhead line along the route of an existing 220-kilovolt line. Since the pylons required for the 380-kilovolt line can be positioned approximately 360 to 450 metres apart, we are dismantling the existing line so that fewer pylons will be installed along the section once work has been completed. The plan is to erect 56-metre-high pylons with three cross-arms, up to 80 metres in certain cases where specific local factors, such as trees or road crossings, make this necessary.


The following map provides an overview of the power line project with its seven construction sections:


Jonas Knoop
Jonas Knoop
Project Communication