Market Investigation

Amprion is currently preparing the non-discriminatory tender for the decentralised Bayerisch-Schwaben grid booster in accordance with Section 11a of the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG). From now until 17 July 2024, interested parties can submit a non-binding offer to participate in a market exploration preceding the planned tender.

The rules for the Markterkundung exploration can be downloaded here:

*Update conditions of participation: Due to the great interest in the market exploration, we have extended the deadlines for the submission of questions by the participants and for answering the questions. The changes are marked in red. Please also note that the detailed documents can only be downloaded until 30 April 2024 after signing the confidentiality agreement.

We are happy to provide interested parties with detailed documents for the preparation of a non-binding offer. A confidentiality agreement must be signed in advance. This can be requested informally at the following e-mail address:

Your contact for the market exploration for the decentralised grid booster Bavarian Swabia:

Amprion hopes that the market survey will provide valuable information for the planned tender. "We want to provide the market with comprehensive information now about the planned tender for a decentralised grid booster and our technical requirements to ensure the success of a binding tender," says project manager Marco Mastrippolito.

The binding and non-discriminatory tendering process in accordance with Section 11a EnWG is scheduled to begin in summer 2024. In addition to the grid connection points, Amprion will also specify the technical requirements for the battery modules and the call-off concept, among other things. The contract should be awarded in the course of 2024 if possible, but no later than spring 2025.