A North

BBPlG Project No. 1 |Emden Ost – Osterath


The DC link known as “A North” is part of the “Corridor A” DC link and is legally defined in the Federal Requirement Plan Act (Bundesbedarfsplangesetz, or BBPlG for short). In future, Corridor A will be one of the main arteries of the German transmission grid and will transport the steadily increasing volume of wind energy from the north to the centre and south of Germany. This is because the DC link connects the key generation sites in the north (wind energy) and the south (photovoltaics) with the conventional power plant capacities in western Germany. As a DC link, Corridor A relieves the utilisation on the alternating current grid and transmits large amounts of energy over long distances with low losses.

The law provides for a two-stage approval procedure for this link under the jurisdiction of the Federal Network Agency. Step 1: Federal sectoral planning procedure for defining a corridor. Step 2: Planning approval procedure for defining a specific route.

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