Studies and statements

Amprion’s expertise in the field of technical and regulatory topics is often required. We publish studies or we come up with statements to energy political questions – often in collaboration with the other three German transmission system operators. Here you can find our current recent publications.

06/2019 Amprion Market Report 2019. Flow-Based Market Coupling: Development of the Market and Grid Situation 2015-2018

Amprion published its Report of the Market and Grid Situation 2015-2018. This report provides evidence for the significant benefits resulting from Amprion’s strong and steadily enhanced cooperation within the Central Western Europe (CWE) region and beyond. Due to its central location in Europe, Amprion serves as an important electricity transit zone. German exports towards its neighbours reach absolute levels of up to 15 GW, Amprion provides the transmission capacity for a significant contribution of up to 8 GW to this overall German export.

04/2018 Flow based market coupling - Development of the market and grid situation

In the current debate on the further development of the Flow based market coupling (FBMC) the most prominent criticism is the alleged limitation of cross-zonal exchanges by TSOs. This is supposed to be due to insufficient coordination amongst TSOs and, more importantly, the discrimination of cross-zonal exchanges in favour of internal exchanges.

Regrettably, the significant progress of market integration over the last years as well as the strong mutual support between TSOs during critical electricity grid and supply situations rarely gets mentioned in this context.

Right from the very beginning of market integration, Amprion has together with its neighbouring TSOs been actively participating in a large number of regional and European initiatives, including the CWE, NWE, MRC and CORE market coupling as well as the XBID, TSC, SSC and IGCC projects1. This report provides evidence for the significant mutual benefits resulting from our strong and steadily enhanced cooperation with TSOs of the CWE region and beyond.

04/2018 Bidding Zone Review Report

​​Following the process outlined in the European Union Regulation establishing a Guideline on Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management, the First Edition of the Bidding Zone Review including the resulting proposal has been delivered by the participating transmission system operators (TSOs).

The First Edition of the Bidding Zone Review was open for public consultation until March 9th. The participating TSOs have taken the feedback received from stakeholders into account. Acting as facilitator and supporting TSOs, ENTSO-E has published the Review on its website.

The participating TSOs have submitted their recommendation to their respective Member States and National Regulatory Authorities. In accordance with the above-mentioned regulatory process, the concerned Member States or where designated the concerned National Regulatory Authorities, have now six months (until September 30th) to reach an agreement on whether to ultimately maintain or amend the bidding zones configuration.

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01/2018 Second Report on Generation Adequacy Assessment within PLEF Region

With this report, the Transmission System Operators (TSOs) of the PLEF region (AT, BE, CH, DE, FR, LU, NL) are cooperating in order to develop new methodologies and investigate the security of the electricity supply (SoS) – the serving of the electricity demand of all customers - on European regional level. This study is an important outcome of the TSO collaboration at the regional level.