Dialogue with politics

We keep our grid stable and secure - and pave the way for a climate-neutral energy system. This is how we understand Amprion's legal mandate. To implement it, we are in regular contact with many partners in society, business and politics. Communication takes place at European level, at federal and state level and - in the case of grid expansion projects - at municipal level.

As part of the political dialogue, we talk to decision-makers and their staff. They are active in the executive and legislative branches, in authorities and administration, as well as with relevant stakeholders. We firmly believe that with our social responsibility comes the obligation to make our advocacy as visible as possible: Openness, transparency, honesty and integrity are guiding principles for our political work.


We stand for transparent political communication and would be pleased if you contact us.

Federal politics

state politics

Lobby Register

Amprion employees who represent company interests in dialogue with politicians are listed in the lobby register at the German Bundestag.


Das Titelbild des Nachhaltigkeitsberichts zeigt zwei Mitarbeiter vor einer Stromtrasse in einem Rapsfeld. Im Hintergrund sind Windräder zu sehen.

Studies and Statements

We contribute our expertise in energy policy issues. What positions Amprion takes in the dialogue with politics.