Amprion scores top marks in Sustainable Fitch ESG ratings

  • Further improvements in the ESG rating confirm Amprion’s successful sustainability strategy
  • ESG ratings of ‘2’ confirmed in all three categories, Entity, Instrument and Framework
  • ESG entity score increased from 70 to 76

Transmission system operator Amprion has once again received an outstanding ESG rating from renowned rating agency Sustainable Fitch.

Sustainable Fitch assigns ESG ratings on a scale from one to five, where ‘1’ represents full alignment with ESG best practices.

Amprion as an entity was once again scored at ‘2’. The increase in the ESG entity score from 70 to 76 confirms the continuous improvements and the positive contribution that Amprion makes to the environment and society.

The rating of ‘2’ for Amprion’s Green Finance Framework and its outstanding green bonds was also confirmed.

“The improvements in the Sustainable Fitch ratings are the result of joint efforts and the focus on implementing our successful sustainability strategy. The thoroughly positive assessment of our sustainability performance in all three categories, Entity, Green Finance Framework and our green bonds, is an important foundation stone for our long-term success on the capital market,” says Peter Rüth, Chief Financial Officer of Amprion.

In its ESG rating process, Sustainable Fitch assesses the sustainability performance of the entity, the Green Finance Framework and the outstanding green financial instruments separately. This provides investors with a point of reference when assessing risk.

In its assessment, Sustainable Fitch spotlights Amprion’s reporting in accordance with the international Global Reporting Initiative standards and the increased transparency it provides by publishing the Amprion Green Finance Investor Report on a regular basis. This enables stakeholders to clearly gauge the entity’s sustainability performance. Other important factors for the rating result include the detailed disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions, an appropriate risk management system and Amprion’s approach to human and labour rights, which is in line with market best practices.

In addition to Sustainable Fitch, rating agency Sustainalytics also rates Amprion on sustainability. At Sustainalytics, Amprion ranks among the top companies worldwide in the industry and the region. It currently has an ESG rating of 9.0. This puts Amprion in the best possible category, ‘negligible risk’.

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