Press Releases

Amprion joins Coalition for a sustainable offshore energy development

A Coalition of NGOs, wind industry and transmission system operators has joined forces today to cooperate on the sustainable deployment of offshore wind, while ensuring alignment with nature protection and healthy marine ecosystems. weiterlesen

Successful Go-Live of German Balancing Energy Market

Flexibility in the procurement of balancing energy has been increased in Germany by decoupling it from the procurement of balancing capacity. On November 2nd, the balancing energy market has gone live with first delivery on November 3rd. weiterlesen

SIDC: New 15 and 30 minutes cross-border intraday products on bidding zone borders between Belgium, Germany, France and The Netherlands

On Thursday 10 December 2020, the Nominated Electricity Market Operators EPEX SPOT and Nord Pool EMCO and Transmission System Operators Amprion, Elia, RTE and TenneT will launch: 30 minutes cross- border products in intraday continuous trading on the Belgian-French border; and 15 and 30 minutes cross- border products in intraday continuous trading on the Belgian-German, Belgian-Dutch and Dutch-German borders. weiterlesen

ALEGrO on track for final spurt

This week saw the German transmission system operator Amprion and its Belgian partner Elia connect up the cables of the first power bridge between Germany and Belgium. weiterlesen

Amprion and Smart Wires are testing more flexible power flow control on the power grid

The Dortmund-based transmission system operator (TSO) Amprion has signed a cooperation agreement with the US Silicon Valley company, Smart Wires, for a pilot project. weiterlesen

Offshore networking is the future

Dortmund-based transmission system operator Amprion presents Eurobar – a concept for networking offshore wind farms across Europe. weiterlesen

Amprion boosts European energy trading

Amprion has published its Market Report 2020, revealing how the electricity market in the Central Western Europe (CWE) region has developed between 2015 and 2019. weiterlesen

SIDC: Record Months and Welcoming New Members

The Nominated Electricity Market Operators (NEMOs) and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) involved in the European Single Intraday Coupling (SIDC – formerly known as XBID) are pleased to announce that the intraday markets coupled by SIDC have grown significantly as a result of second wave go-live in November 2019 weiterlesen