​​Amprion awards billion-euro contract to cable manufacturer NKT​

​​By awarding the contract to the Danish company NKT, Amprion has secured cable capacities for the HVDC connection Korridor B as well as an important section of the EnLAG 14 line project. The contracts have a total volume of approx. EUR 1.2 billion and secure important resources for Amprion.

​​​The order comprises ±525 kV HVDC cables for project 48 of the direct current project Korridor B. The project, with a route length of around 430 kilometres, provides for an underground cable connection between the Heide West substation in Schleswig-Holstein and Polsum in North Rhine-Westphalia. NKT was also commissioned with the cables for the approximately 10-km-long partial underground cabling section of the EnLAG14 line project, the Rhine crossing between Voerde and Rheinberg.

​​"Contracts like the one with NKT are fundamental to driving forward the energy transition. Only if we manage to secure the necessary resources on the market in time, we stay on schedule and ensure the success of the projects. Korridor B and EnLAG 14 play an important part in achieving our climate targets," says Amprion CTO Dr. Hendrik Neumann

​Strengthening of the cable production in Germany​

​​"We are excited to continue the long-term collaboration with Amprion in their ambitious development of the power grid supporting the transition to renewable energy. With this award, we leverage our local footprint, strong commitment to sustainability and confirm the strength of our high-voltage power cable capabilities. We are also very pleased to continue building upon our strong position in the German market,“ says NKT President and CEO Claes Westerlind.

​The transition to a climate-neutral energy system in Germany and Europe is the key challenge facing society in the coming years. Amprion is contributing to a climate-friendly, secure and efficient energy system by expanding the grid.

​Korridor B: Electricity from the North Sea coast for NRW​

​​As a key component of the energy transition, Korridor B will transport electricity from the North Sea coast to North Rhine-Westphalia from the beginning of the 2030‘s years. Korridor B consists of the two line construction projects 48 (Heide/West - Polsum) and 49 (Wilhelmshaven - Hamm). Both connections will later transmit a capacity of two gigawatts (GW) each. The transport capacity of four GW corresponds to the electricity requirements of around four million people.

​​​​EnLAG 14: The Rhine crossing​

​The Rhine crossing is part of EnLAG project no. 14 - the grid reinforcement between Wesel and Osterath near Düsseldorf. In future, it will transport energy at the 380 and 110 kilovolt voltage levels. The section between Voerde and Rheinberg was designed as an underground cable pilot project by the legislator in 2015. Amprion is planning this section as a combination of two short overhead line sections and one underground cable section as well as the associated transfer stations.​

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