Amprion and Statnett agree to investigate feasibility of a hybrid interconnector​

​​Amprion and the Norwegian transmission system operator Statnett have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU): The partners want to investigate the feasibility of a hybrid interconnector for offshore wind between the two countries. The aim of the collaboration is to jointly evaluate technical and economical aspects. This can strengthen security of supply in Europe and contribute to the development of the offshore grid in the North Sea as well as to the EU's climate targets.

​​The two transmission system operators want to investigate the construction of a hybrid interconnector with the integration of offshore wind energy. As a basis for this, they will calculate and analyze joint energy scenarios.

​So-called hybrid interconnectors not only connect two countries directly with each other, they also link offshore wind farms. This allows wind energy to be flexibly integrated into the European electricity system and increases capacities for international electricity exchange. "A hybrid interconnector between the two countries could be a further and important milestone in achieving the climate targets in Europe and making better use of the wind energy potential of the North Sea. With the MoU, we are laying an important foundation for this," says Dr. Hendrik Neumann, CTO of Amprion GmbH.​

​The North Sea: Europe's green power plant​

​​In May 2022, the Norwegian government announced that it would designate areas for 30 gigawatts of offshore wind capacity by 2040. The German government's expansion targets envisage increasing the installed capacity of offshore wind energy to at least 30 gigawatts by 2030 and at least 70 gigawatts by 2045.

​Connecting the two countries via a hybrid interconnector would be a key element in further networking offshore power generation and turning the North Sea into Europe's "green power plant". At the same time, such a project would strengthen system stability in Europe.​

Tobias Burgholz
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