Amprion receives outstanding ESG ratings from Sustainable Fitch

  • ESG ratings confirm Amprion's integrated sustainability strategy
  • The ratings assess Amprion's corporate performance, its Green Finance Framework as well as its green bonds for the first time
  • Amprion achieves an ESG rating of "2" in all three categories

The transmission system operator Amprion has received its first

ESG ratings from the renowned rating agency Sustainable Fitch. "ESG" stands for "Environment", "Social" and "Governance". Sustainable Fitch conducts an assessment of the company's sustainability performance, green finance framework and outstanding green financial instruments for each rating.

Sustainable Fitch's ratings are assigned on a scale of one to five, with a rating of "1" representing full compliance with ESG best practices. In the corporate assessment, Amprion achieved an outstanding result with a rating of "2". The Green Finance Framework published in August 2022 was also rated very positively with a score of "2". In addition, the rating agency also rated the green dual-tranche bond of € 1.8 billion, which was successfully issued in September 2022, with as a score of "2".

"The ESG ratings from Sustainable Fitch underline our integrated sustainability strategy. The detailed assessment of our sustainability performance as a company, our green finance framework and our green bonds is an important precondition for a long-term success of our green bonds" comments Peter Rüth, Chief Financial Officer of Amprion.

Sustainable Fitch highlights Amprion's positive ESG profile and promising development. This is due to the sustainability strategy, the ESG risk management and the relatively low environmental and social impact of the company's business activities. Another important factor is the high environmental credentials. The ESG framework rating also takes into account the positive impact of the renewal, upgrading and expansion of the transmission grid and its infrastructure in order to integrate electricity from renewable energy.

In addition to Sustainable Fitch, Amprion is also rated by the rating agency Sustainalytics in the area of sustainability.

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