Forecast margin

The amendment of the German Energy Act (EnWG) in 2011 has resulted in new tasks for German transmission system operators; among other things, the creation of an energy performance rating. Paragraph 12 sections 4 and 5 governs this new responsibility. According to this, the transmission system operators are responsible for preparing a report on the energy performance rating for their area of responsibility. This report shall be submitted annually on 30/09 to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). Since the law does not define the exact form of the report, the four transmission system operators have jointly coordinated with BMWi regarding the content via the expert network for energy performance ratings (joint working group). This report corresponds with these contents.

The ENTSO-E Outlook Report presents the views of Europe's electricity Transmission System Operators (TSOs) regarding national or regional security of supply for the the summer and winter period, and highlights possibilities for neighbouring countries to contribute to the generation/demand balance in critical situations. The survey gives them the opportunity to share information and gives impetus to further studies on a bilateral or multilateral basis. Within the report there is the national forecast margin for the German transmission grid shown.

Bericht zur Leistungsbilanz 2019

Bericht zur Leistungsbilanz 2018

Forecast Margin Report


Bericht zur Leistungsbilanz 2017 (Note: Adjustment of the published report as of January 30th, 2018. Without effect on the overall result)

 Bericht zur Leistungsbilanz 2016

Bericht zur Leistungsbilanz 2015 nach EnWG § 12

Bericht zur Leistungsbilanz 2014 nach EnWG § 12

Bericht zur Leistungsbilanz 2013 nach EnWG § 12

Bericht zur Leistungsbilanz 2012 nach EnWG § 12

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