Schedule Management

Schedule Management (ESS)

Calendar of regular working days in accordance with section 5 paragraph 3 “Stromnetzzugangsverordnung”

In accordance with section 5 paragraph 3 “Stromnetzzugangsverordnung” it is possible to make internal schedule changes until 16:00 on the next work day after the delivery (D+1). For this reason a definition of work days has to be published by the individual TSO.

The definition of work days is as follows: Monday to Friday, excluding the days as listed below:

  • New Years Day (1st of January)
  • Epiphany (Three Kings, 6th of January)
  • International Women's Day (8th of March)
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Labour Day (1st of May)
  • Ascension Day
  • Whitsun Monday
  • Corpus Christi
  • Assumption Day Mary (15th of August)
  • Universal Children's Day (20th of September)
  • Reunification Day (3rd of October)
  • Reformation Day (31st of October)
  • All Saints Day (1st of November)
  • Penance Day
  • Christmas Eve (24th of December)
  • Christmas Day (25th of December)
  • Boxing Day (26th of December)
  • New Years Eve (31st of December)

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