Security of Supply in Central Europe: Transmission System Operator Security Cooperation continues to advance

The Croatian TSO HEP-OPS has joined the Transmission System Operator Security Cooperation as a full member on December, 14th. Before, HEP-OPS held the observer status. The TSC now has eleven full members and one observing member, MAVIR (Hungary). The continued enlargement of the TSC is an important step towards further improving the security of the Central European electricity network from the North to the Adriatic Sea.

Another milestone has been reached with the coming into force of the Operational Agreement. The Operational Agreement establishes the roles and responsibilities between the TSOs regarding the operation of the common tool for data exchange and n-1 security assessments (CTDS System). The CTDS System has been operating since January 3rd, 2011. The tool supports the common daily operational planning processes of the participating TSOs by allowing operational planners to assess the security situation on the basis of a common view of the grid.

As part of their daily conference call, operational planners will shortly be able to propose multilateral remedial actions to avoid security violations. The temporary solution with respect to how the costs are to be shared between TSC partner TSOs which has been approved by the National Regulatory Authorities involved. The terms and procedures for the activation of such multilateral remedial actions have been summarised in the Trial Phase Agreement on Multilateral Remedial Actions which has been signed by all partner TSOs. The involved TSOs are confident to develop an enduring solution for cost-sharing based on the experience acquired in this new stage of cooperation.

This demonstrates the pioneering nature of the TSC initiative not only in respect of the operational aspects of remedial actions, but also in respect of the regulatory and financial aspects they give rise to.

TSO Security Cooperation

The Transmission System Operator Security Cooperation ("TSC") was launched in December 2008 as an initiative with a decentralized approach to foster regional European cooperation for system security in the countries concerned and in the whole of Europe. Its members are Austrian Power Grid, EPS (Czech Republic), 50Hertz, Amprion, EnBW Transportnetze, TenneT TSO (Germany), TenneT TSO (The Netherlands), PSE Operator (Poland), swissgrid (Switzerland), ELES (Slovenia), MAVIR (Hungary)as observer and HEP OPS (Croatia). The involved TSOs set up the "TSO System Security Cooperation" with a permanent TSO Security Panel (group of security experts), new cooperation tools for Control Centres and a common IT platform CTDS for data exchange and performing common n-1 security assessments. TSC's main goal is to ensure the overall system security of the European network, an area with 170 million citizens, and is open to the participation of other TSOs.