Energy trading transactions

The four German transmission system operators 50Hertz Transmission, Amprion, EnBW Transportnetze and TenneT TSO will reduce the lead-time for intra-day energy trading transactions within Germany from 45 minutes to 15 minutes as of 1 December 2010.

This will enable participants in the German energy market to react even more flexibly to intra-day fluctuations and to quickly exercise energy trading transactions or make adaptations to the power station fleet to directly compensate for recognised deviations in their balancing group. Germany will therefore play a pioneering role in intra-day trading in Europe by having the shortest and most flexible lead-times.

This reduction in lead-times will benefit the market and has been made possible by further developing the schedule management systems of the German transmission system operators, which form the basis for processing all energy trading transactions in Germany and with other countries.