Common platform goes live

The TSC common platform for data exchange and security assessment (CTDS) successfully performed the phase of acceptance tests. The functionalities of the platform "CTDS" encompass load flow and contingency analysis and communication services. "CTDS" is being implemented at the end on the IT systems of the participating Transmission System Operators (TSOs). During a three months introduction phase starting mid July, it will run in parallel to the current tools of the individual TSOs to perform final tests in a real business environment. Afterwards "CTDS" will substitute individual TSO calculation tools in Central Europe. At the end of the three months introduction phase the common platform naturally will be used by the TSC member companies.

The worldwide unique system "CTDS" receives operational forecast data from eleven European Transmission System Operators (TSO) and adjacent electricity systems. It merges them into unique datasets, executes security calculations and provides the results to all members. The outcome enables each TSO to take appropriate and coordinated operational measures to safeguard the European electricity system in a first step within a day ahead timeframe and to perform further investigations. In a next step this functionality will be available for the real time process. This new IT-system will support and improve the daily coordination process between the TSO companies concerning congestion management and security of supply.

TSO Security Cooperation

The Transmission System Operator Security Cooperation ("TSC") was launched in December 2008 as an initiative with a decentralized approach to foster regional European cooperation for system security in the countries concerned and in the whole of Europe. Its members are VERBUND - Austrian Power Grid, Tiwag Netz, VKW Netz (Austria), EPS (Czech Republic), 50Hertz Transmission, Amprion, EnBW Transportnetze, transpower (Germany), TenneT TSO (The Netherlands), PSE Operator (Poland) and swissgrid (Switzerland). The involved TSOs set up the "TSO System Security Cooperation" with a permanent TSO Security Panel (group of security experts), new cooperation tools for Control Centres and a common IT platform CTDS for data exchange and performing common security assessments. TSC's main goal is to ensure the overall system security of the European network, an area with 170 million citizens, and is open to the participation of other TSOs.