New transmission system operator Amprion begins

Organised as an ¿Independent Transmission Operator¿Investing some €3 billion in the grid over the next ten years

Today marks the start of a new transmission system operator, Amprion. This new TSO assumes all the work of the former RWE Transportnetz Strom and pools all activities of the RWE Group related to its extra-high-voltage grid. Amprion has been set up to act as an ¿Independent Transmission Operator¿ in line with the 3rd Internal European Energy Market Pact and is largely independent of its parent company, RWE AG. The new company is based in Dortmund and its two Managing Directors are Dr. Hans-Jürgen Brick (Commercial) und Dr. Klaus Kleinekorte (Technical). Amprion currently employs 850 staff.

¿Amprion stands for unrestricted and transparent access to the grid. We see ourselves as a service provider for our customers, grid partners and electricity traders. We will continue to develop the Amprion grid as their marketplace with efficiency and foresight¿ said Brick. ¿Amprion is proof of the fact that no state grid company is required to ensure the highest level of competition, investment in the grid and security of supply¿, continued Brick. Over the next ten years, Amprion will be investing some three billion euros and erecting 800 kilometres of new lines plus 25 new substations. ¿Due to its central location in Europe, our particular grid plays an important role as a key hub for European electricity trading between North and South as well as East and West. And our motto for providing this service is: extra-high voltage with the maximum security of supply¿, announced Kleinekorte.

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