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Underground cables

Underground cables are a comparatively young technology in the world of transmission grids. They offer Amprion an additional option when it comes to expanding its grid. But not all cables are alike: Depending on whether they are to be laid on the seabed or run overland, or they are to carry a DC or an AC voltage, there are key technical differences that have a great impact on the applicability of a cable. We at Amprion are proactively working to fulfil our statutory duty and are utilising not only our own knowhow but also the expertise of universities and component manufacturers to successfully implement underground cabling.


Biotope Management at Amprion

Long stretches of our power lines pass through open landscapes, forests and meadows. They are the backbone of the power supply system but also a habitat for countless species of animals and plants. In order to ensure the reliable and safe transmission of electricity, we pay special attention to the vegetation to be found underneath our overhead lines – because trees and shrubs must not be allowed to grow too close to the lines.