Das Hauptbild in schwarzweiß zeigt alle Portraitfotos der nachgenannten Menschen nebeneinander.

New faces for new tasks

The grid enabler

The number and complexity of duties and responsibilities at Amprion are growing – and so is the number of employees. In recent years, we have already welcomed many new colleagues on board. Currently, Amprion is looking not only for engineers, technicians and fitters – IT specialists, lawyers and communication experts are also in demand.

Graph zur Anzahl der Mitarbeiter:innen bei Amprion. 2009: 781, 2018 1446

Amprion opens up new career opportunities to many people. Six of them tell us what they love about their new job.

Eine Mitarbeiterin von Amprion in persönlicher Schutzausstattung, bestehend aus Helm, Weste und Handschuhen. Darunter Monteurskleidung.

»Underground cables are still a relatively new technology in the transmission grid, with new processes and developments. At Amprion, I can work on projects that are being implement­ed in this form for the first time. That’s extremely appealing to an engineer.«

Maibritt Engell

at Amprion since 2018 as a civil engineer working on underground cables

Ein Mann mit Brille und strubbeligem Haar. Er trägt ein weißes Hemd und lehnt an eine Klinkerwand.

»I was originally a mathematician. As a student, I would never have dreamed that I would one day find myself trying to come up with ways to make better utilisation of the electricity grid. Today, I’m particularly impressed by the fact that innova­tive algorithms and functions of the control systems can significantly improve utilisation of the transmission grid.«

Georg van de Braak

since 2017 Head of Control Systems and Grid Analysis Functions at Amprion

Ein Mann Mitte im Sakko und Hemd. Kurze Haare mit Brille, dreitage-Bart.

»Working in a company with complex IT management and large-scale projects matches my profile exactly. I also see a lot of interesting oppor­tunities opening up at Amprion in the medium to long term, because topics such as artificial intelligence and digital networks are becoming increasingly important.«

Jan Peter Getzlaff

at Amprion since 2018 as Head of IT Governance & Architecture

Ein Mann in Monteurskleidung vor einer menschhohen Kabeltrommel

»I took the opportunity to take on more responsibility within the company. After four years as a primary technology fitter and further training to become a state-certified technician, I switched to the Overhead Lines department, where I now work as deputy head of the supervisory area. My area of responsibility has diversified since then. It’s a good feeling to have taken this step.«

Jan Alfes

at Amprion since 2017 in the Overhead Lines department

Eine Frau mit dunklem Haar.

»As a geographer, I specialise in urban and regional development. My interdisciplinary training is highly beneficial to me at Amprion, because I work together with many specialist departments, authorities and citizens. There are no daily routines in this job – and that’s precisely what makes it so exciting.«

Lisa Peters

at Amprion since 2016 as a subproject manager in the Permits & Approvals department

Ein Mann mit Dreitage-Bart und Weste, er verschränkt die Arme.

»My specialisation during my studies was on public-sector commercial, environmental and infrastructure law – good preparation for my work at Amprion. Nevertheless, I still learn something new every day here and can gain valuable experience as a young professional.«

Jonas Hilsmann

at Amprion since July 2017 as a lawyer working in planning and approvals law

Photos: Johannes Döppler, Matthias Haslauer, Henning Ross, Daniel Schumann