Stilisiertes Amprion-A.

Amprion and its partners

Strong Grid, strong relationships

A stable power grid lays the foundation for our energy supply. Responsibility for the extra-high-voltage grid in Germany rests with Amprion and three other transmission system operators. Their remit is to operate a safe, efficient grid and to expand it as and when needed, under the supervision of the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur). In so doing the operators are independent of the generation and sales arms, providing the grid in their control areas as neutral platforms for the electricity market. The transmission system operators’ customers are energy producers, distribution system operators and industry. For the power they consume they pay network charges which are controlled by the Federal Network Agency.


Prescribes climate protection goals and presses ahead with the development of the European internal electricity market.

European partners

Together with other European transmission system operators and associations, Amprion is further expanding the power grid in Europe.

Other transmission network operators

Like Amprion, 50Hertz, TenneT and TransnetBW are responsible for the extra-high-voltage grid in their control areas and work together in the interconnected network.

Distribution system operators

Distribute electricity from the transmission network to municipal utilities and regional enterprises. Some of them also feed electricity into the transmission network

Legislators and the federal government

Have subjected transmission system operators to a legal requirement to expand networks according to need and to operate them safely.

Federal network agency

Supervises the grid operators, regulates network charges and approves grid expansion requirements.

Industrial customers

Companies in the aluminium, steel and chemical industries purchase large quantities of electricity directly from the extra-high-voltage grid.

Electricity exchanges and energy traders

Due to its central location the Amprion grid forms a hub of the energy trading market. Amprion works closely with all market participants throughout Germany and Europe.

State licensing authorities

Approve grid expansion projects at state level, after first reviewing objections raised by citizens, public authorities and environmental associations.

Citizens, authorities and environmental associations

Are involved by Amprion in grid expansion plans, expressing their opinions to the state licensing authorities and the Federal Network Agency.

Energy producers

Sell power to the electricity exchanges and use the transmission network.