Integrated vegetation management at Amprion

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Das Bild zum Thema Biotopmanagement zeigt einen Forstarbeiter in signal-orangefarbener Sicherheitsbekleidung in einem herbstlichen Waldstück. Er trägt einen Schutzhelm, Handschuhe und eine orangene Kettensäge. Ende der Bildbeschreibung

Long stretches of our power lines pass through open landscapes, forests and meadows. Our transmission routes are the backbone of the power supply system but also a habitat for countless species of animal and plant. We at Amprion view nature conservation and environmental protection as an important part of our social responsibility. That’s why we have been implementing an effective integrated vegetation management (IVM) regime over the past 20 years.

Our goal is to guarantee the safe and reliable transmission of power while minimising the effects on nature and the landscape and promoting worthwhile biotope structures in the immediate vicinity of our power lines. To this end, we systematically organise the route maintenance measures this requires in line with ecological principles, and also support local wildlife and habitat conservation projects. In doing so, we have taken on a pioneering role in the field of nature conservation and landscape protection.

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